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Need a Boost?  10 Immune Boosting Foods

Need a Boost? 10 Immune Boosting Foods

Q: What foods can I feed my family to ward of colds and flu this season?A: With fall upon us and temperatures dropping, people are catching colds and getting sick. Help protect your family by feeding them these 10 immune boosting foods 10 IMMUNITY BOOSTING FOODSGrapefruits are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids which are natural chemical compounds found to increase immune system activation. If you are not fond of grapefruits, eat their cousins – oranges and tangerines, other vitamin C […]

Sycamore Elementary Garden Club Kick Off!!

Sycamore Elementary Garden Club Kick Off!!

On Thursday, Sycamore Valley Elementary’s science teacher Kim Lawrence joined me to kick off our Garden Club that meets on Thursdays at lunchtime. We have 7 weeks of fun planned to teach these eager 5th graders about where their food comes from, the power food has to make them healthy and strong, and how to care for the earth to grow more nutritious food. During our 7 weeks we will be growing and harvesting spinach and radishes, setting up a worm composter fed with scraps from […]

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