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Choosing a Cleanse Right for You

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As we begin a new year, some people turn to cleansing to jumpstart themselves into a healthier lifestyle, rid their bodies of toxic buildup and shed a few pounds. Many turn to programs that are based on eating refined powders, drinking only shakes and/or taking pills. There are natural alternatives available, however, which involve eating whole foods that are recognizable in the produce aisle. These whole-foods programs give you equal results, with the added benefit of an easy transition into a new way of eating that supports continued nourishment and weight management long term. When selecting a cleansing program, choose one that promotes the following:

• Real food – focuses on eating mostly plants, especially on whole fruits and vegetables deep in color and rich in micro-nutrients, including vitamins, minerals antioxidants and enzymes; suggests eliminating caffeine, alcohol, added sugars processed foods, gluten, red meat, dairy.

• Gentle exercise – encourages light exercise daily, such as walking or gentle yoga.

• Hydration – suggests drinking at least a liter of water a day, along with herbal teas, to help your liver and kidneys flush out toxins.

• Slowing down – advocates clearing extra appointments off the calendar and getting eight to 10 hours of sleep a night and incorporates such tools as breath work and meditation to reduce stress.

• Individual support – provides flexibility to accommodate specific needs, such as allergies, work travel, and offers between-meeting contact via phone or email for additional support.

If you would like to experience the life changing benefits of a whole foods based cleanse, call Angela at 925.389.7107 or visit the Programs Page to learn more about her Nourishing You –  28 Days to a Healthier You™  cleansing program.

This article was originally published in the January 2012 issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine – East Bay edition.


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