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Tips For Healthy Eating During Summer Travel

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School’s out, the sun is shining, and you’re ready to explore someplace new! But, what about all of those months of progress with your new, healthier eating routine? How can you keep somewhat healthy eating habits while traveling and vacationing this summer?

Here are some of my favorite tips to keep in mind if you’re aiming to maintain healthy eating during your summer travels.

  1. Plan Ahead – Eliminate a ton of room for unhealthy snacking and meals by simply taking the time to plan ahead. If you’re hitting the road or staying in a different location than home, research restaurants that offer salads, lean grilled meats and veggies. This will help you learn where you need to venture out from the hotel/Airbnb to find healthy, satisfying food options. If you’re flying, eat healthy meals around your flight schedule and pack protein packed snacks, so you don’t get too hungry and make poor choices once you land (or you have a layover after restaurants are closed.) A great question to keep in mind: What do I want to look and feel  like when I return?  Answering this question honestly can be a big motivator when you are tempted to make choices that are not in line with your goals.
  1. Discuss Meals with Travel Companions – If you and your travel mates plan on cooking most of your meals, offer to share in the meal planning/prep/grocery shopping so you can get your needs met. Also, talk to your friends about having a no alcohol or low alcohol good time together.  You’d be surprised how eager they may be.
  1. Pack the Essentials –  Especially a cooler with plenty of water and protein packed snacks. Check out my No-Bake Protein Balls (in 4 delicious flavors)! Once you’ve reached your destination, fill your fridge with healthy fruits, veggies, and protein packed snacks from a nearby grocery store instead of buying the chips and candy bars in the hotel lobby.
  1. Be Airport/Train Station/Road Savvy – Take an empty water bottle through security and fill it on the other side so you can stay hydrated through your journey even when the beverage service is canceled due to light turbulence. I also recommend stopping at grocery stores instead of drive throughs to enjoy healthier options including pre-made salads/sandwiches/fruit, pre-packed veggies. Pick up kombucha or unsweetened ice tea for a caffeine hit to keep you alert while driving instead of sugar-laden soda.
  1. Enhance Hotel Offerings – Bring protein packed snacks and protein powder along with your supplements so you can enhance the offerings at the complimentary breakfast buffet which is often slim pickens and heavier on foods made with refined flour and higher in sugar. 

The next time you set off on a trip, keep these helpful tips in mind! With a little planning ahead and mindfulness while traveling, you will return home the same weight and ready to step right back into your regular, healthier eating routines without feeling like you took two steps back.


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