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Group Offerings

Courses + Speaking Engagements

Group offerings include single classes on various nutrition and health topics, as well as longer-term coaching programs designed to address specific health goals.

Coaching Programs

These group nutrition and wellness coaching programs are ideal for those who feel they would benefit from group support. They work especially well alongside the Starter and Plus one-to-one individualized sessions. Many clients comment that they are highly motivated in a group setting, and enjoy faster results and sustainable changes.

You’re Not Alone

12 Week Group Weight Loss Program for Men

Want to lose your “spare tire” and look and feel better in your clothes? How about more energy, freedom from worries about what to eat, better sleep, less medication, no heartburn, This is the group for you!

This small group nutrition coaching program is specially designed for men who want to focus on weight loss, improve their body composition, and manage digestive distress.

See What’s Included


  • A special 90 minute Kick-Start Session 
  • Two LIVE Video Coaching Calls each month (total of 5)
  • Private Group Chat for added learning and support
  • Meal Prep Guidelines and Recipe Resources
  • Access to Angela’s private recipe library
  • Supplement  Do’s and Don’ts
  • Mindful eating webinar (pre-recorded)
  • Stress diffusion toolkit
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Super Sleep Hygiene Checklist

Nutrition Webinars & Speaking Engagements

Looking for a fun, interactive in-person talk or webinar? I work with large and small community groups to present on hot topics in nutrition and wellness. Talks are 60 minutes and include time for questions. All events include a link to a class recording, available upon request.

Popular Topics Include:

  • Pandemic Reboot
  • How to Strengthen Your Immune System & Avoid Illness
  • Holiday Eating – Celebration Without Deprivation
  • Snack Hacks: Healthy, Portable Snack Ideas (with recipes and sampling!)
  • Chocolate Tasting: Learn How to Eat and Enjoy Dark Chocolate Without Guilt
  • ​Nutrition and Stress Relief
  • Gut Makeover – What to Feed It and Why

All talks delivered in virtual format over Zoom across the United States (except Snack Hacks), and available in person upon request in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Do you have something different in mind? I’m also happy to create a personalized talk for your group — please contact me to discuss your needs.


I enjoyed this class series because it was great to go through the cleanse experience with a group led by a knowledgeable dietitian. It was easy to stay on track because we ate “real food” and the price point was perfect, a real bargain actually.

Cecelia Flanagan

How to Strengthen Your Immune System & Avoid Illness

I’m inspired by Angela’s enthusiasm, energy and passion to eat well and fuel our bodies with the nutrition it needs. I would recommend this class to others to get the straight scoop on what really works because the literature out there, while helpful, can be overwhelming and misleading at times.

Pauline L.

Healthy Eating Basics

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Free Video Series!

My Sustainable Weight Loss Formula

Are you tired of weight loss programs that don’t work for you? I’ve compiled some of my best tips and secrets into this free video. Download it today and learn my formula for sustainable weight loss.

Free Video Series!

How to Strengthen Your Immune System

A healthy immune system starts with the food on your plate. Download this free video to discover the best foods to support a healthy immune system, & some creative ways to enjoy them.

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